Francesco Paolo Cammarata

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Cancer cells, which use more glucose than normal cells and accumulate extracellular lactate even under normoxic conditions (Warburg effect), have been reported to undergo cell death under glucose deprivation, whereas normal cells remain viable. As it may be relevant to exploit the molecular mechanisms underlying this biological response to achieve new(More)
Ionizing radiation (IR) activates both pro-and anti-proliferative signal pathways producing an imbalance in cell fate decision. IR is able to regulate several genes and factors involved in cell-cycle progression, survival and/or cell death, DNA repair and inflammation modulating an intracellular radiation-dependent response. Radiation therapy can modulate(More)
In the skeletal muscle, the ageing process is characterized by a loss of muscle mass and strength, coupled with a decline of mitochondrial function and a decrease of satellite cells. This profile is more pronounced in hindlimb than in forelimb muscles, both in humans and in rodents. Utilizing light and electron microscopy, myosin heavy chain isoform(More)
Breast cancer (BC) recovery has increased in recent years thanks to efforts of Omics-based research in this field. However, despite the important results obtained, BC remains a complex multifactorial pathology that is difficult to treat appropriately. Caveolin-1 (CAV1), the basic constituent protein of specialized plasma membrane invaginations called(More)
HER2/neu amplification/overexpression is the only somatic mutation widely considered to be a marker of disease outcome and response to treatment in breast cancer. Pathologists have made large efforts to achieve accuracy in characterizing HER2/neu status. The introduction of transtuzumab contributed to development of additional measures to identify sensitive(More)
BACKGROUND/AIM Epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) is a process co-opted by cancer cells to invade and form metastases. In the present study we analyzed gene expression profiles of primary breast cancer cells in culture in order to highlight genes related to EMT. MATERIALS AND METHODS Microarray expression analysis of primary cells isolated from a(More)
BACKGROUND Intraoperative electron radiation therapy (IOERT) is a therapeutic technique which administers a single high dose of ionizing radiation immediately after surgical tumor removal. IOERT induces a strong stress response: both tumor and normal cells activating pro- and antiproliferative cell signaling pathways. Following treatment, several genes and(More)
BACKGROUND Diagnostic imaging plays a relevant role in the care of patients with breast cancer (BC). Positron Emission Tomography (PET) with 18F-fluoro-2-deoxy-D-glucose (FDG) has been widely proven to be a clinical tool suitable for BC detection and staging in which the glucose analog supplies metabolic information about the tumor. A limited number of(More)
INTRODUCTION Osteoarthritis (OA) is considered to be a multifactorial and polygenic disease and diagnosis is mainly clinical and radiological. Correlation between radiographic data and clinical status has been reported. However, very few studies, especially in Caucasian people, describe the association between the Kellgren and Lawrence OA grading scale (KL)(More)
Osteoarthritis (OA) is a degenerative joints disorder influenced by genetic predisposition. We reported that rs11718863 DVWA SNP was represented in Sicilian with a more severe Kellgren and Lawrence (KL) radiographic grade, displaying its predictive role as OA marker progression. Here, we describe the DVWA SNPs: rs11718863, rs7639618, rs7651842, rs7639807(More)