Francesco Panicucci

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Improvements in semiconductor nanotechnology have continuously provided a crescent number of faster and smaller per-chip transistors. Consequent classical techniques for boosting performance, such as the increase of clock frequency and the amount of work performed at each clock cycle, can no longer deliver to significant improvement due to energy constrains(More)
Modern systems are able to put two or more processors on the same die (Chip Multiprocessors, CMP), each with its private caches, while the last level caches can be either private or shared. As these systems are affected by the wire delay problem, NUCA caches have been proposed to hide the effects of such delay in order to increase performance. A CMP system(More)
The BoulSat Project involves the realization of a bidirec-tional VSAT (satellite connection system) and the study of " poor " a Wireless Metropolitan Area Network (WMAN) to extend the Internet connectivity to the public institutions in the town area. Low-cost or waste materials have been used to build components where possible, thus to make possible for the(More)
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