Francesco P. Andriulli

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This paper deals with a multiresolution approach to the finite-element solution of the Electric Field Integral Equation (EF IE) formulation of the boundary value problem for Maxwell equations. After defining a multiresolution set of discretized spaces, each of them is first separated into solenoidal and non-solenoidal complementary spaces. The possibility(More)
In this paper, a novel volume integral equation for solving the Electroencephalography forward problem is presented. Differently from other integral equation methods standardly used for the same purpose, the new formulation can handle inhomogeneous and fully anisotropic realistic head models. The new equation is obtained by a suitable use of Green's(More)
This work presents a Boundary Element Method (BEM) formulation for contactless electromagnetic field assessments. The new scheme is based on a regularized BEM approach that requires the use of electric measurements only. The regularization is obtained by leveraging on an extension of Calderon techniques to rectangular systems leading to well-conditioned(More)
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