Francesco Orsi

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Conserving nature in the presence of humans is especially challenging in areas where livelihoods are largely based on locally available natural resources. The restoration of forests in such contexts calls for the identification of sites and actions that improve biodiversity protection, and ensure the provision of and accessibility to other forest-related(More)
A pressing question that arises during the planning of an ecological restoration process is: where to restore first? Answering this question is a complex task; it requires a multidimensional approach to consider economic constrains and the preferences of stakeholders. Being the problem of spatial nature, it may be explored effectively through Multicriteria(More)
Forest management involves dealing with conflicts between the protection of nature and the use of natural resources. Bad management practices have led to significant forest degradation worldwide. It is estimated that globally about 13 million hectares of forest are lost every year, leading to a massive loss of biodiversity and other forestrelated ecosystem(More)
In this paper I attempt a critical examination of the multi-system or dual-process view of moral judgment. This view aims to provide a psychological explanation of moral sensitivity, and in particular an explanation of conflicting moral sensitivities in dilemma cases such as the crying baby scenario. I argue that proponents of the multi-system view owe us a(More)
The present work constitutes the first stage of an ongoing research on the interaction between morphological characteristics of the urban fabric and the amount of social activity in such spaces. In order to analyze such correlation, the current research links together two different field of studies: Space Syntax on one side, for the morphological analysis(More)
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