Francesco Moschella

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T lymphocytes are often induced naturally in melanoma patients and infiltrate tumors. Given that γδ T cells mediate antigen-specific killing of tumor cells, we studied the representation and the in vitro cytokine production and cytotoxic activity of tumor infiltrating γδ T cells from 74 patients with primary melanoma. We found that γδ T cells represent the(More)
In the last years, propeller flaps have become an appealing option for coverage of a large range of defects. Besides having a more reliable vascular pedicle than traditional flap, propeller flaps allow for great freedom in design and for wide mobilization that extend the possibility of reconstructing difficult wounds with local tissues and minimal(More)
Computer simulations are becoming a fundamental instrument in order to determine the suffer effects of a specific model by varying its input parameters. However, to obtain simulation results, the needed computational power required, by increasing the model parameters, in a reasonable time, is not so indifferent. So the aim of this research is to optimize(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to evaluate over time circulating γδ T lymphocytes in melanoma patients in terms of frequency, effector functions, and relationship with clinical stage and evolution, by comparing preoperative values to those obtained at a mean follow-up of 36 months or in the event of recurrence or disease progression, and to those of(More)
OBJECTIVE Multiple factors may affect functional recovery after peripheral nerve injury, among them the lesion site and the interval between the injury and the surgical repair. When the nerve segment distal to the lesion site undergoes chronic degeneration, the ensuing regeneration (when allowed) is often poor. The aims of the current study were as follows:(More)
The phase of Text Retrieval or Information Extraction may represent a weakness for the entire text mining process. During this phase, keywords are extracted that can be used in documents classification or clustering. If the extracted keywords are not meaningful, the entire text mining process will be compromised. This risk is high in the event of(More)
Aesthetic reconstruction of soft tissue nasal sidewall loss has an important influence on the appearance of the nose. The unique character of this subunit and the complex relationships with a number of different facial or nasal subunits make the excision of large tumors difficult to manage. Numerous techniques are described in the literature, but a primary(More)
The mechanism by which the fibroblast is able to trigger palmar fibromatosis is still not yet fully understood. It would appear certain that the “abnormal” fibroblasts continuously synthesise profibrotic cytokines which are able to determine the activation to myofibroblasts, to stimulate them to the further proliferation and synthesis of other cytokines, to(More)
Diabetes is a well-known risk factor for invasive mucormycosis with rhinocerebral involvement. Acute necrosis of the maxilla is seldom seen and extensive facial bone involvement is rare in patients with rhino-orbital-cerebral mucormycosis. An aggressive surgical approach combined with antifungal therapy is usually necessary. In this report, we describe the(More)
Solitary fibrous tumor (SFT) is a rare neoplasm that commonly originates in the pleura. Extrapleural locations are rare and for this reason sometimes difficult to diagnose. Malignant forms with local recurrence or distant metastases have been reported, also as a consequence of inappropriate treatment. In this article, we report the case of an SFT of the(More)