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—In this paper, a new variant of the McEliece cryp-inapplicable in this context, due to security issues, whilst other codes, based on the " difference families " approach, can be able to ensure a good level of security against intrusions, even if very large lengths are needed. I. INTRODUCTION Since many years, error correcting codes have gained an important(More)
In this paper, we study a new class of Low Density Parity Check codes, designed for satellite communications, and achieving both high spectral efficiency and large coding gain. Given a constant-envelope 8-PSK constellation, a generic linear binary code does not lead to a geometrically uniform Euclidean-space code. Low Density Parity Check codes over Z 8 ,(More)
Brainstem auditory evoked potentials (ABR) were recorded simultaneously between vertex and ear lobe, ipsi- and contralateral to the stimulated ear in 53 subjects with confirmed (19) or undefined (34) multiple sclerosis. Results were compared with those obtained in a control group of 20 normal-hearing adults. The control group showed that significant latency(More)
The authors have studied the behaviour of the A.R. threshold under bone way masking sent to the vertex. The masking caused changings of the recorded track; a change of the compliance was observed in the 60% of the subjects and a rythmic waving of the (isoelectric) line was observed in 40% of the subjects. Upon these changes the A.R. were recorded for the(More)
Vibrotactile evoked responses (VER) to 250 and 500 Hz presented respectively at 50 and 70 dB HL by BC vibrator placed on right thumb, were recorded in 20 children (10 with pathological EEG) with severe sensorineural hearing loss, or deaf since birth, both to control accuracy of cortical responses to high intensity auditory stimuli and to diagnose central(More)
The effect of diazepam (10 mg i.m. X 7 days) on crossed and uncrossed acoustic stapedius reflex parameters (threshold, amplitude and duration) has been studied in 7 normal hearing subjects. The results showed that diazepam has a not clinically significant damping effect on the threshold, the amplitude and, very often, the duration of both ipsilateral and(More)
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