Francesco Mauro

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Two cultured cell clones derived from Lewis lung carcinoma (3LL), which have been shown to differ in their metastatic potential, were studied for their phenotypic stability in vitro. Several growth properties (lag-phase duration, doubling time, saturation density, cell shedding, plating efficiency) have been monitored for more than three years. The ability(More)
This paper reviews international law and policy regarding the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities that are defining the role of traditional and indigenous knowledge in the management and conservation of biodiversity. The most influential forums occur within the United Nations system, particularly the Working Group on Indigenous Populations(More)
Predictive monitoring of train wagons can allow to anticipate possible malfunctioning due to wear and avoid potential accidents. In this paper some network architectures adopting low-power wireless communication technologies are introduced. A performance comparison is provided based on ns-2 simulation results, suggesting that the combined use of WSN and(More)
Seventeen neuroblastomas at different clinical stages were analysed for their N-myc copy number and flow cytometrically determined DNA content. Aneuploidy was found in 11 patients (65 per cent), whereas the remaining were near-diploid. N-myc amplification was found significantly (P<0·05) confined to near-diploid tumors (3 out of 6 cases). This finding(More)
The analysis of time records, coming from seakeeping experiments in irregular waves, is used to determine the occurrence of extreme events. The common procedure used for data analysis is to assume that the statistics of record’s peaks is following two or three parameters Weibull distribution. For particularly severe sea states it can happen that the peaks(More)
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