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Inflammatory changes of the intestine leading to acute abdomen could represent a frequent diagnostic challenge for radiologists actively involved in the emergency area. MDCT imaging findings needs to be evaluated considering the clinical history and symptoms and other abdominal findings that could be of help in differential diagnosis. Several protocols have(More)
Cardiac iathrogenic lesions can occur during diagnostic or therapeutic procedures. Resistance of the heart to an injury may cause a delay from the traumatic event to onset of the symptomatology or to heart rupture. We describe a rare case cardiac perforation with delayed rupture of the heart in a patient previously submitted to radiation therapy for breast(More)
OBJECTIVE Suicide attempts are prevalent in association with major mood disorders, and risk is greater with bipolar disorder (BD) than major depressive disorder (MDD) in adults. There may be similar relationships in juvenile mood disorders, but the evidence has not been compiled systematically and quantitatively. METHOD We searched for reports of studies(More)
Consistent high-quality of papers published in “Chemico-Biological Interactions” can only be maintained with the co-operation and dedication of a number of expert referees. The Editors would like to thank all those who have donated the hours necessary to review, evaluate and comment onmanuscripts; their conscientious efforts have enabled the journal to(More)
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