Francesco Loprete

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Using a pay-as-you-go strategy, we allow for a community of users to validate or invalidate mappings obtained by an automatic ontology matching system using consensus for each mapping. The ultimate objectives are effectiveness—improving the quality of the obtained alignment (set of mappings) measured in terms of F-measure as a function of the number of user(More)
The Authors have explored a new complementary approach, employed in the last 40 years for, among other uses, medical purposes: oxygen-ozone therapy. Anecdotal works have highlighted interesting results obtained in disk herniation with infiltration of paravertebral muscles with oxygen-ozone. To verify the existence of a nociceptive effect and investigate a(More)
Using our multi-user model, a community of users provides feedback in a pay-as-you-go fashion to the ontology matching process by validating the mappings found by automatic methods, with the following advantages over having a single user: the e↵ort required from each user is reduced, user errors are corrected, and consensus is reached. We propose strategies(More)
We report on seven elderly patients with severe hyponatremia (plasma sodium < 125 meq/l). All were symptomatic for central nervous system disturbances, weakness, nausea/vomiting and met clinical and laboratory criteria for the diagnosis of inappropriate secretion of antidiuretic hormone (SIADH). Investigations performed to determine the etiology of the(More)
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