Francesco Lippi

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This paper proposes a conceptual framework to investigate the e!ects of central bank independence, of the degree of centralization of wage bargaining and of the interaction between those institutional variables, on real wages, unemployment and in#ation, in a framework in which unions are averse to in#ation. This aversion moderates unions' wage demands as(More)
We model the optimal price setting problem of a firm in the presence of both information and menu costs. In this problem the firm optimally decides when to collect costly information on the adequacy of its price, an activity which we refer to as a price “review”. Upon each review, the firm chooses whether to adjust its price, subject to a menu cost, and(More)
The empirical evidence on rational inattention lags far behind the theoretical developments: micro evidence on the most immediate consequence of observation costs − the infrequent observation of state variables − is not available in standard datasets. We contribute to filling the gap with two novel household surveys that record the frequency with which(More)
Percutaneous intranodular ethanol injection (PEI) has been proposed for the therapy of autonomously functioning thyroid nodules. In 1992, an Italian multicenter study was undertaken to confirm the usefulness and the feasibility of this procedure. The study included 429 patients: 242 (56.4%) were affected by a toxic adenoma (TA) and 187 (43.5%) by pretoxic(More)
From 1969 to 1990 there were 309 patients with differentiated thyroid carcinoma (241 papillary and 68 follicular) treated with radioactive iodine for functioning node metastases alone (n=191) or distant metastases (n=118) with or without node metastases. These patients represented 32.7% of 945 patients treated in our institution during the same period.(More)
BACKGROUND In the last decades, a marked increased prevalence of differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC) has been observed worldwide. The aim of this study was to evaluate the changing features of DTC referred to our institution between 1969 and 2004. METHODS Clinical and pathological features and prognostic factors were analyzed in 4187 DTC patients,(More)
Monetary policy analyses usually assume an atomistic private sector, thereby ignoring potential interactions between policy and wage-setting decisions. Yet, non-atomistic wage setters are a key feature of several industrialized economies. We study the economic consequence of non-atomistic agents and show that this qualifies previous results on the effects(More)