Francesco Leo

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Surgical treatment of lung metastases from melanoma is highly controversial as the expected outcome is much poorer than for other primary tumours and a reliable system for selecting patients is lacking. This study evaluated the long-term results of lung metastasectomy for melanoma, with the aim of defining a subset of patients with better prognosis. By(More)
OBJECTIVE Mesothelial intrathoracic cysts are congenital lesions classically located in the anterior cardiophrenic angle (pleuro-pericardial cysts). Locations elsewhere in the thorax are infrequent. The aim of the study was to describe a 10-year, single-institution experience with endoscopic management of mesothelial cysts by video-assisted thoracoscopy(More)
Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are the keys of current management of SCLC. For many years, the diagnosis of small cell lung cancer has been considered a contraindication to surgery because radiotherapy was at least equivalent in terms of local control and the rate of resectability of SCLC patients was poor. The role of surgery has been defined by evidence(More)
OBJECTIVE A higher mortality has been reported after pneumonectomy over the age of 70. The aim of the study was to quantify the additional risk due to age after standard pneumonectomy for lung cancer by a case-control study. METHODS Our clinical database was reviewed to search for patients aged 70 years or more who underwent standard pneumonectomy for(More)
Postpneumonectomy syndrome (PPS) is a rare complication of pneumonectomy due to an excessive mediastinal shift producing compression of the main bronchus or a lobe bronchus on the aorta or the spine. We report an exceptional case in which an extreme mediastinal shift was due to fibrosis and complete atelectasis of the left lung, as a complication of(More)
BACKGROUND Indeterminate non-calcified lung nodules are frequent when low-dose spiral computed tomography (LD-CT) is used for lung cancer screening. We assessed the diagnostic utility of a non-invasive work-up protocol for nodules detected at baseline in volunteers enrolled in our single-centre screening trial, and followed for at least 1 year. METHODS(More)
Neoangiogenesis and enhanced glucose metabolism in neoplasms are likely to be activated by the same biochemical stimulus; hypoxia. A correlation between these two parameters has been postulated. The objective of this study was to evaluate the relationship between Fluoro-desoxi-glucose uptake at positron emission tomography scan and angiogenesis in lung(More)
BACKGROUND Patients receiving chemotherapy for lung cancer usually modify their lung function during treatment with increases in forced expiratory volume in 1 second (FEV(1)) and forced vital capacity (FVC) and decreases in lung diffusion for carbon monoxide (DLCO). This prospective study was designed to evaluate functional changes in forced expiratory(More)
OBJECTIVE The impact of induction chemotherapy on postoperative complications after pneumonectomy remains unclear. The aim of the study was to test the hypothesis that chemotherapy may increase the risk of postoperative respiratory complications. METHODS Data from 202 consecutive standard pneumonectomies performed for lung cancer were collected and(More)