Francesco Lelli

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Software engineering is a complex socio-technical activity, due to the need for discussing and sharing knowledge among team members. This has raised the need for effective ways of sharing ideas, knowledge, and artifacts among groups and their members. The social aspect of software engineering process also demands computer support to facilitate the(More)
— many use cases, concerning the monitoring and controlling of real physical instruments, demand deep interaction between users and services that virtualize the access to such instruments/devices. In addition, in order to realize high interoperable solutions, SOA-based Web/Grid Service technologies must be adopted. When the access to one of these services(More)
Current grid technologies offer unlimited computational power and storage capacity for scientific research and business activities in heterogeneous areas all over the world. Thanks to the grid, different virtual organisations can operate together in order to achieve common goals. However, concrete use cases demand a closer interaction between various types(More)
The growing synergy between Web Services and Grid-based technologies is enabling profound, dynamic interactions between applications dispersed in geographic, institutional, and conceptual space. Such deep interoperability requires the simplicity, robustness, and extensibility for which XML has been conceived, making it a natural lingua franca for the(More)
Current cloud service offerings, i.e., Software-as-a-service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offerings are often provided as monolithic, one-size-fits-all solutions and give little or no room for customization. This limits the ability of Service-based Application (SBA) developers to configure and syndicate(More)
— The 4CaaSt project aims at developing a PaaS framework that enables flexible definition, marketing, deployment and management of Cloud-based services and applications. The major innovations proposed by 4CaaSt are the blueprint and its lifecycle management, a one stop shop for Cloud services and a PaaS level resource management featuring elasticity. 4CaaSt(More)
Social network services have enabled the increasing sharing of digital content (e.g., images, videos and audios). However, despite the fact that office documents hold a significant amount of users' digital content, office documents have not yet been sufficiently exploited by social networks. The main reason for this is that existing office document(More)
The Web is evolving from the Web of documents to the Web of applications. Web 2.0 communities need end-user programming tools to create interactive applications according to their skills and domain of interest. However, due to the different domains of programming in different communities, providing a generic EUP tool to all communities is not possible. We(More)