Francesco Isgrò

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The paper tackles the problem of feature points matching between pair of images of the same scene. This is a key problem in computer vision. The method we discuss here is a version of the SVD-matching proposed by Scott and LonguetHiggins and later modified by Pilu, that we elaborate in order to cope with large scale variations. To this end we add to the(More)
This paper introduces a software system for detecting and tracking starfish in an underwater video sequence. The target of such a system is to help biologists in giving an estimate of the amount of starfish present in a particular area of the sea-bottom. The nature of the input images is characterised by a low ratio signal/noise and by the presence of noisy(More)
This paper presents a fast and extremely robust feature-based method for planar registration of partly overlapping images; it uses a two-stage robust fitting approach comprising a fast estimation of a transformation hypothesis (that we show is highly likely to be correct) followed by a confirmation and refinement stage. The method is particularly suited for(More)
We report an algorithm for detecting planes from disparity maps, without computing 3-D information explicitly. Camera calibration is not assumed unless Euclidean plane parameters are required. The algorithm identifies co-planar image patches, thus providing a useful tools in the presence of occlusions. The basic components are a closed-form expression for(More)
We address the application of computer vision to semiimmersive teleconferencing, and present a prototype vision system synthesising a physically plausible video of a speaker to be displayed at a remote conferencing station. The main system components are a hierarchical, efficient large-baseline disparity estimation and a view synthesis module. We illustrate(More)