Francesco Isaia

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The electrochemical, UV/Vis-NIR absorption, and emission-spectroscopic features of (TBA(+))(1(-)) and the corresponding neutral complex 1 were investigated (TBA(+)=tetrabutylammonium;(More)
Electrochemically monoreduced [M(R,R'timdt)(2)](-) dithiolenes, showing unprecedented wavelength selective photoconducting properties in the third optical fiber window (1500-1800 nm), fine-tunable(More)
The tetrabutylammonium (TBA(+)) salts of square-planar monoanionic gold complexes of the unsymmetrically substituted Ar,H-edt(2-) 1,2-dithiolene ligands (Ar,H-edt(2-)=arylethylene-1,2-dithiolato;(More)