Francesco Iacoviello

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This work aims to characterize different objects on a scene by means of some of their morphological properties. The leading application consists in the analysis of ductile cast iron specimen pictures, in order to provide a quantitative evaluation of the graphite nodules shape; to this aim the material specimen pictures are binarized. Such a binarization(More)
We have examined the nature and origin of smectites in glaciomarine sediments of the AND-2A drill core (McMurdo Sound, Antarctica) by means of X-ray diffraction (XRD) analyses on the clay fraction, field emission scanning electron microscopy (FESEM), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) observations and SEM-EDS microanalyses on smectite particles. Relying on(More)
The permeability of shales is important, because it controls where oil and gas resources can migrate to and where in the Earth hydrocarbons are ultimately stored. Shales have a well-known anisotropic directional permeability that is inherited from the depositional layering of sedimentary laminations, where the highest permeability is measured parallel to(More)
Ductile cast irons (DCIs) are characterized by a wide range of mechanical properties, mainly depending on microstructural factors, as matrix microstructure (characterized by phases volume fraction, grains size and grain distribution), graphite nodules (characterized by size, shape, density and distribution) and defects presence (e.g., porosity, inclusions,(More)
IMPIEGO DELLA SEGMENTAZIONE MEDIANTE<lb>CONTORNI ATTIVI NELL’IDENTIFICAZIONE<lb>DEGLI ELEMENTI METALLOGRAFICI E MORFOLOGICI<lb>DI INTERESSE NELLE GHISE SFEROIDALI Parole chiave: ghise sferoidali, analisi di immagine,<lb>segmentazione, contorni attivi Le ghise sferoidali costituiscono una famiglia di ghise piuttosto versatile<lb>caratterizzata da un ampio(More)
This pilot study examines the correlation of X-ray diffraction (XRD) measurements with the histopathological analysis of breast tissue. Eight breast cancer samples were investigated. Each sample contained a mixture of normal and cancerous tissues. In total, 522 separate XRD measurements were made at different locations across the samples (8 in total). The(More)
We present a multiaperture analyzer setup for performing x-ray phase contrast imaging in planar and three-dimensional modalities. The method is based on strongly structuring the x-ray beam with an amplitude modulator, before it reaches the sample, and on a multiaperture analyzing element before detection. A multislice representation of the sample is used to(More)