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Medical ultrasound contrast agents (UCAs) have evolved from straight image enhancers to pathophysiological markers and drug delivery vehicles. However, the exact dynamic behavior of the encapsulated bubbles composing UCAs is still not entirely known. In this article, we propose to characterize full populations of UCAs, by looking at the translational(More)
The experimental test of novel ultrasound (US) investigation methods can be made difficult by the lack of flexibility of commercial US machines. In the best options, these only provide beamformed radiofrequency or demodulated echo-signals for acquisition by an external PC. More flexibility is achieved in high-level research platforms, but these are(More)
The common carotid artery (CCA), one of the vessels more frequently investigated by ultrasound (US), is often modeled as a straight tube in quasi-laminar flow regimens. Experimental investigations based on a prototype multigate system show that blood velocity profiles are parabolic during diastole and early systole, and flat during the systolic peak.(More)
Side-branches and curvatures in the arterial tree yield deviations from the axial oriented velocity. Velocity or volume flow estimates based on the assumption that flow is axially oriented are of limited value at these sites. This article evaluates information obtainable by using a multigate Doppler ultrasound (US) instrument used with curved phantoms,(More)
The study of arterial mechanics concerns functional characteristics depending on wall elasticity and flow profile. Wall elasticity can be investigated through the estimation of parameters like the arterial distensibility, which is of high clinical interest because of its known correlation not only with the advanced atherosclerotic disease, but also with(More)
Ultrasound contrast agents (UCA) populations are typically polydisperse and contain microbubbles with radii over a given range. Although the behavior of microbubbles of certain sizes might be masked by the behavior of others, the acoustic characterization of UCA is typically made on full populations. In this paper, we have combined acoustic and optical(More)
Arterial stiffness is known to increase with age and with many vascular diseases, but its noninvasive assessment in patients still represents a difficult task. The measurement of diameter change during the cardiac cycle (distension) has been proposed as a means to estimate arterial compliance and stiffness. Therefore, we have developed a simple PC-based(More)
Nowadays, passive and semi-passive wireless devices are increasing their appeal, particularly in the new scenario of the Internet of Things, thanks to their low complexity and low energy consumption. In this context, radio-frequency identification (RFID) and radar sensor networks (RSNs) are rising interest when the localization of (semi-)passive tags(More)
In vitro and/or in vivo experimental tests represent a crucial phase in the development of new ultrasound (US) investigation methods for biomedical applications. Such tests frequently are made difficult by the lack of flexibility of general purpose instruments and commercial US machines typically available in research laboratories. This paper presents a(More)