Francesco Grimaccia

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—In this paper a new class of hybridization strategies between GA and PSO is presented and validated. The Genetical Swarm Optimization (GSO) approach is presented here with respect with different test cases to prove its effectiveness. GSO is a hybrid evolutionary technique developed in order to exploit in the most effective way the uniqueness and(More)
The accurate forecasting of energy production from renewable sources represents an important topic also looking at different national authorities that are starting to stimulate a greater responsibility towards plants using non-programmable renewables. In this paper the authors use advanced hybrid evolutionary techniques of computational intelligence applied(More)
Nowadays wireless sensor netwoks (WSN) technology, wireless communications and digital electronics have made it realistic to produce a large scale miniaturized devices integrating sensing, processing and communication capabilities. The focus of this paper is to present an innovative mobile platform for heterogeneous sensor networks, combined with adaptive(More)
A common problem in wind power plants involves fixed-speed wind turbines. In fact, being equipped with a squirrel-cage induction generator (SCIG), they tend to drain a relevant amount of reactive power from the grid, potentially causing voltage drops and possible voltage instability. To improve SCIG power quality and transient stability, this paper(More)
The main purpose of this work is to lead an assessment of the day ahead forecasting activity of the power production by photovoltaic plants. Forecasting methods can play a fundamental role in solving problems related to renewable energy source (RES) integration in smart grids. Here a new hybrid method called Physical Hybrid Artificial Neural Network (PHANN)(More)