Francesco Grani

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• Low temperatures limit the fixation of photosynthates and xylogenesis. Here, we hypothesized that reduced longitudinal growth in trees at high altitude is related to the lower hydraulic efficiency of the transport system. • Apical buds of Norway spruce (Picea abies) trees at high and low elevation were heated during 2006 and 2007. At the end of the(More)
In this paper we propose an empirical method to develop mapping strategies between a gestural-based interface (the Gloves) and physically based sound synthesis models. An experiment was conducted to investigate which gestures listeners associate with sounds synthesised using physical models, corresponding to three categories of sound: sustained, iterative(More)
In four-sided CAVE-like VR systems, the absence of the rear wall has been shown to decrease the level of immersion and can introduce breaks in presence. In this paper it is investigated to which extent user’s attention can be driven by visual and auditory stimuli in a four-sided CAVE-like system. An experiment was conducted in order to analyze how user(More)
Spatial sound and interactivity are key elements of investigation at the Sound And Music Computing master program at Aalborg University Copenhagen. We present a collection of research directions and recent results from work in these areas, with the focus on our multifaceted approaches to two primary problem areas: 1) creation of interactive spatial audio(More)
We present a report covering our preliminary research on the use of wavefield synthesis WFS in a multimodal context. Traditionally, WFS has been used as a way to faithfully reproduce auditory experiences. To our knowledge, little research has tried to understand how to gesturally control WFS. Moreover, there are no applications combining WFS and virtual(More)
Even though service is described as actors integrating resources to achieve values, research on perspectives on knowledge that these actors have when integrating resources has not been part of service design research. In this paper we experiment with a technique, based in a service scenario, to map what actors know as a consequence of the events in the(More)