Francesco Girelli

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Recent evidence suggests that idiopathic nonspecific interstitial pneumonia (iNSIP) is a distinct clinical entity amongst other idiopathic interstitial pneumonias, and some data seem to suggest a possible pathogenetic role of autoimmunity. The aim of the present study was to assess if iNSIP might represent an early lung manifestation of an autoimmune(More)
Drug Rash Eosinophilia Systemic Symptoms (DRESS) syndrome is a systemic hypersensitivity reaction characterized by exfoliative dermatitis and maculopapular rash, lymphadenopathy, fever, eosinophilia, leukocytosis, and involvement of internal organs as liver, lung, heart, and kidney; the disorder starts within 2-6 weeks after taking a drug with an incidence(More)
Acquired haemophilia A (AHA) is a rare and serious disorder mainly affecting elderly patients. It is caused by the production of autoantibodies directed against coagulation factors; patients present with spontaneous bleeding, potentially fatal, in the absence of familial or personal history. Autoimmune disorders, infections, solid and hematologic tumors,(More)
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