Francesco Giovannini

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During working memory tasks, the hippocampus exhibits synchronous theta-band activity, which is thought to be correlated with the short-term memory maintenance of salient stimuli. Recent studies indicate that the hippocampus contains the necessary circuitry allowing it to generate and sustain theta oscillations without the need of extrinsic drive. However,(More)
Persistent neural activity has been the focus of neuros-cientific research since it was first associated with complex cognitive behaviours. In particular, persistent firing has long been thought to be the neural mechanisms underlying short-term memory encoding and storage [1]. This activity is often elicited by short transient stimuli that have to be(More)
— Flexible tactile sensors have been studied to enable robots to interact with objects in unstructured environments. However, due to nonlinearity caused by the hysteresis of tactile materials, it is difficult to accurately convert sensor signals into task-relevant information such as force and slip. To compensate for the hysteresis of flexible tactile(More)
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