Francesco Gianni

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We present the groundwork for Tiles: an inventor toolbox to support the development of interactive objects by non-experts. Tiles is composed by (i) a set of physical input/output primitives to describe interaction styles with technology-augmented objects, (ii) extensible hardware modules easily embeddable in everyday things that implement the primitives,(More)
The Internet of Things (IoT) offers new opportunities to invent technology-augmented things that are more useful, efficient or playful than their ordinary selves, yet only a few tools currently support ideation for the IoT. In this paper we present Tiles Cards, a set of 110 design cards and a workshop technique to involve non-experts in quick idea(More)
Pervasive information visualization and interaction are fundamental tools to support learning in smart cities (SCL), for example to promote sustainable behaviours and social interaction. Building on a review of existing work, we identify the main limitations of traditional approaches based on large displays and smart-phones apps, first from a technological(More)
The Artificial Pancreas is a medical device, currently in development, that aims to provide automatic regulation of blood glucose (BG) levels in ambulatory type 1 diabetes mellitus sufferers. The most popular approach utilises subcutaneous (SC) continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) combined with SC insulin injection controlled by a Model Predictive Control(More)
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