Francesco Gentile

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Gaze-contingency is a method traditionally used to investigate the perceptual span in reading by selectively revealing/masking a portion of the visual field in real time. Introducing this approach in face perception research showed that the performance pattern of a brain-damaged patient with acquired prosopagnosia (PS) in a face matching task was reversed,(More)
The margination dynamics of microparticles with different shapes has been analyzed within a laminar flow mimicking the hydrodynamic conditions in the microcirculation. Silica spherical particles, quasi-hemispherical and discoidal silicon particles have been perfused in a parallel plate flow chamber. The effect of the shape and density on their margination(More)
The longitudinal transport of nanoparticles in blood vessels has been analyzed with blood described as a Casson fluid. Starting from the celebrated Taylor and Aris theory, an explicit expression has been derived for the effective longitudinal diffusion (D eff) depending non-linearly on the rheological parameter ξc, the ratio between the plug and the vessel(More)
Vegetation can significantly contribute to stabilise sloping terrain by adding cohesion to soil: this reinforcement depends on the morphological characteristics of the root systems and the tensile strength of single roots. The paper presents the results of research carried out in order to evaluate the biotechnical characteristics of the root system of three(More)
The propensity of circulating particles to drift laterally towards the vessel walls (margination) in the microcirculation has been experimentally studied using a parallel plate flow chamber. Fluorescent polystyrene particles, with a relative density to water of just 50 g/cm3comparable with that of liposomal or polymeric nanoparticles used in drug delivery(More)
In a highly dynamic visual environment the human brain needs to rapidly differentiate complex visual patterns, such as faces. Here, we defined the temporal frequency tuning of cortical face-sensitive areas for face discrimination. Six observers were tested with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) when the same or different faces were presented in(More)
Immunoreactive gonadotrophic hormone-releasing hormone (ir-GnRH) was detected in hypothalamic and telencephalic extracts of the Venezuelan freshwater fish "caribe colorado," Pygocentrus notatus. Hypothalamic ir-GnRH from female fish demonstrated displacement curves parallel to those of synthetic mammalian luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH). The(More)
The non-specific adhesion of spherical micro- and nano-particles to a cell substrate is investigated in a parallel plate flow chamber. Differently from prior in-vitro analyses, the total volume of the particles injected into the flow chamber is kept fixed whilst the particle diameter is changed in the range 0.5-10 microm. It is shown that: (i) the absolute(More)
Substrate nanotopography affects cell adhesion and proliferation and is fundamental to the rational design of bio-adhesives, to tissue engineering and to the development of assays for in-vitro screening. Cell behavior on rough substrates is still elusive, and the results presented in the open literature remain controversial. Here, the proliferation of cells(More)
We have illustrated the fabrication of nano-structures as a surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) substrate using electro-plating and electron-beam lithography techniques to obtain an array of gold nanograin-aggregate structures of diameter ranging between 80 and 100 nm with interstitial gap of 10-30 nm. The nanostructure based SERS substrate permits us(More)