Francesco G. Musajo

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Adrenomedullin (ADM), a vasodilatatory peptide contained in adrenal medulla, was found to induce a dose-dependent increase in aldosterone (ALDO) and corticosterone (B) release by the in situ perfused rat adrenal gland, along with a rise in the flow rate of the perfusion medium. The minimal effective dose for ALDO response was three and two orders of(More)
To determine the effect of pressure variations on the retention of prosthetic crowns, 36 identical, cast metal crowns were fixed to simulated, epoxy resin crown preparations with zinc oxyphosphate cement. Eighteen specimens were placed in a hyperbaric chamber and subjected to 15 cycles of simulated immersion at 30 m and decompression, as usually carried out(More)
This paper describes the function and morphology of regenerated adrenocortical nodules obtained by implanting, in the musculus gracilis of rats, several (n = 6-7) fragments of the capsular tissue of their excised adrenal glands. Four months after the operation, each bilaterally adrenalectomized rat developed six or seven well encapsulated adrenocortical(More)
A case of removal of a fetus in fetu in a 47-year-old man is reported. The patient had an upper abdominal mass since birth that had never caused any subjective symptoms. A preoperative computed tomographic scan was useful to confirm the diagnosis. The operative specimen consisted of a cystic mass about 20 cm in diameter, situated in the upper(More)
Regenerated adrenocortical nodules were obtained by implanting fragments of the capsular tissue of excised adrenal glands into the musculus gracilis of rats (Belloni et al. 1990). Five months after the operation, operated rats showed a normal basal blood level of corticosterone, but a very low concentration of circulating aldosterone associated with a(More)
The presence of tubercle of Zuckerkandl (TZ) of the thyroid gland has been investigated in 20 specimens obtained from patients died from diseases not concerned to the cervical area. The project mas undertaken to elucidate the presence and the role of TZ as normal anatomical landmark. Special attempt has been paid to the relationships of the TZ with(More)
1. The effect of bilateral adrenalectomy on the sensitivity of blood vessels in rat airways to mediators that increase vascular permeability was examined. 2. An increase in vascular permeability was induced by intravenous platelet activating factor (PAF, 50, 100, 500, 1000 ng kg-1) and measured by quantifying the extravasation of Evans blue dye. 3. PAF(More)