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Seed production generally requires the mating of opposite sex gametes. Apomixis, an asexual mode of reproduction, avoids both meiotic reduction and egg fertilization. The essential feature of apomixis is that an embryo is formed autonomously by parthenogenesis from an unreduced egg of an embryo sac generated through apomeiosis. If apomixis were well(More)
The regulation of pH in cellular compartments is crucial for intracellular trafficking of vesicles and proteins and the transport of small molecules, including hormones. In endomembrane compartments, pH is regulated by vacuolar H(+)-ATPase (V-ATPase), which, in plants, act together with H(+)-pyrophosphatases (PPase), whereas distinct P-type H(+)-ATPases in(More)
Isoprene reduces visible damage (necrosis) of leaves caused by exposure to ozone but the mechanism is not known. Here we show that in Phragmites leaves isoprene emission was stimulated after a 3-h exposure to high ozone levels. The photosynthetic apparatus of leaves in which isoprene emission was inhibited by fosmidomycin became more susceptible to damage(More)
—This letter presents a novel parametric macromod-eling technique for scattering input-output representations param-eterized by design variables such as geometrical layout or substrate features. It provides accurate multivariate macromodels that are stable and passive by construction over the entire design space. Overall stability and passivity of the(More)
Treatment of the ozone-sensitive tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L. cv Bel W3) with an ozone pulse (150 nL L(-1) for 5 h) induced visible injury, which manifested 48 to 72 h from onset of ozone fumigation. The "classical" ozone symptoms in tobacco cv Bel W3 plants occur as sharply defined, dot-like lesions on the adaxial side of the leaf and result from the(More)
Isoprene is formed in and emitted by plants and the reason for this apparent carbon waste is still unclear. It has been proposed that isoprene stabilizes cell and particularly chloroplast thylakoid membranes. We tested if membrane stabilization or isoprene reactivity with ozone induces protection against acute ozone exposures. The reduction of visible,(More)
Despite the potential that apomixis has for agriculture, there is little information regarding the genetic control of its functional components. We carried out a cytohistological investigation on an F1 segregating population of Poa pratensis obtained from a cross between a sexual and an apomictic parent. About half of the F1 progeny plants were(More)
—We propose a novel parametric macromodeling technique for admittance and impedance input–output representations parameterized by design variables such as geometrical layout or substrate features. It is able to build accurate multivariate macro-models that are stable and passive in the entire design space. An efficient combination of rational identification(More)
We present a new method for the construction of parametric macromodels for admittance and impedance input- output representations starting from multivariate data samples that depend on frequency and additional design variables such as geometric and material parameters. Poles and residues are parameterized indirectly, while stability and passivity of the(More)
—The increase of operating frequencies requires 3-D electromagnetic (EM) methods, such as the partial element equivalent circuit (PEEC) method, for the analysis and design of high-speed circuits. Very large systems of equations are often produced by 3-D EM methods and model order reduction (MOR) techniques are used to reduce such a high complexity. When(More)