Francesco Disperati

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The recent development of Internet cellular and wireless networks led several mobile phone manufacturers to create smartphones able to connect to the Internet anytime-anywhere. Despite the growing dependency of mobile phones from the Internet, very little efforts have been done to measure wireless network performances from smartphones. In this paper, we(More)
Although we are facing a shortage of cybersecurity professionals, the shortage can be reduced by using technology to empower all security educators to efficiently and effectively educate the professionals of tomorrow. One powerful tool in some educators’ toolboxes are Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions. Although participants in all the different types of(More)
Knowing the position of an Internet host enables location-aware applications and services, such as restriction of content based on user's position or customized advertising. Active IP geolocation techniques estimate the position of an Internet host using measurements of the end-to-end delay between the target and a number of landmarks (hosts whose positions(More)
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