Francesco Delvillani

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Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a highly adaptable bacterium that thrives in a broad range of ecological niches and can infect multiple hosts as diverse as plants, nematodes and mammals. In humans, it is an important opportunistic pathogen. This wide adaptability correlates with its broad genetic diversity. In this study, we used a deep-sequencing approach to(More)
S1 is an 'atypical' ribosomal protein weakly associated with the 30S subunit that has been implicated in translation, transcription and control of RNA stability. S1 is thought to participate in translation initiation complex formation by assisting 30S positioning in the translation initiation region, but little is known about its role in other RNA(More)
Modulation of mRNA translatability either by trans-acting factors (proteins or sRNAs) or by in cis-acting riboregulators is widespread in bacteria and controls relevant phenotypic traits. Unfortunately, global identification of post-transcriptionally regulated genes is complicated by poor structural and functional conservation of regulatory elements and by(More)
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