Francesco De Simone

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Gastroresistant microparticles for oral administration of hesperidin (Hd) were produced by spray-drying using cellulose acetate phthalate (CAP) as enteric polymer in different polymer/Hd weight ratio (1:1, 3:1, and 5:1), and a series of enhancers of the dissolution rate, such as sodium carboxymethylcellulose crosslinked (CMC), sodium dodecylbenzene(More)
This paper addresses the capital budgeting problem under uncertainty. In particular, we propose a multistage stochastic programming model aimed at selecting and managing a project portfolio. The dynamic uncertain evolution of each project value is modelled by a scenario tree over the planning horizon. The model allows the decision maker to revise decisions(More)
The features of a short-term prediction of a stock price using a multi-layer perceptron in a moving simulation application mode are considered in this paper. The input data for the short-term prediction mode are analyzed. The architecture of the predicting model is developed. The simulation modeling results show a high accuracy of the prediction on the(More)
Keyword: Strategic asset allocation Risk management Stochastic programming Strategic asset allocation is a crucial activity for any institutional or individual investor. Given a set of asset classes, the problem concerns the definition and management over time of the best asset mix to achieve favorable returns subject to various uncertainties, policy and(More)
Human activities have altered the biogeochemical cycle of mercury (Hg) since precolonial times, and anthropogenic activities will continue to perturb the natural cycle of Hg. Current estimates suggest the atmospheric burden is three to five times greater than precolonial times. Hg in the upper ocean is estimated to have doubled over the same period. The(More)
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