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We investigated a number of biological markers, evaluated under strict intralaboratory quality control conditions, in terms of their role in predicting clinical outcome of patients with colon cancer treated with 5-FU-containing regimens. Colon cancer tissue from 263 patients enrolled onto two randomised clinical trials were studied for their(More)
Velocity distribution in an open channel flow can be very useful to model many hydraulic phenomena. Among the others, several 1D models based on the concept of entropy are available in the literature, which allow estimating the velocity distribution by measuring velocities only in a few points. Nevertheless, since 1D models have often a limited practical(More)
Changes in the hydrologic cycle due to increase in greenhouse gases cause variations in intensity, duration, and frequency of precipitation events. Quantifying the potential effects of climate change and adapting to them is one way to reduce urban vulnerability. Since rainfall characteristics are often used to design water structures, reviewing and updating(More)
We investigated the effects of interleukin-2 (IL-2) exposure on T-cell signal transduction molecules and apoptosis markers in tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL) isolated from 20 melanoma and 16 colorectal carcinoma metastases and expanded in vitro for therapeutic reinfusion. Before IL-2 culture, TIL showed undetectable or very low levels of T-cell(More)
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