Francesco Cutugno

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In recent years, there has been an increasing interest towards cultural heritage in the field of ICT applications. To design efficient communication strategies the knowledge possessed by art historians, with expertise in mediating access to cultural heritage, has become a valuable resource. In this work, we present a human-robot interaction setup where(More)
New technologies for innovative interactive experience represent a powerful medium to deliver cultural heritage content to a wider range of users. Among them, Natural User Interfaces (NUI), i.e. non-intrusive technologies not requiring to the user to wear devices nor use external hardware (e.g. keys or trackballs), are considered a promising way to broader(More)
Human safety and effective human-robot communication are main concerns in HRI applications. In order to achieve such goals, a system should be very robust, allowing little chance for misunderstanding the user's commands. Moreover, the system should permit natural interaction reducing the time and the effort needed to achieve tasks. The main purpose of this(More)
This paper presents a POMDP-based dialogue system for multimodal human-robot interaction (HRI). Our aim is to exploit a dialogical paradigm to allow a natural and robust interaction between the human and the robot. The proposed dialogue system should improve the robustness and the flexibility of the overall interactive system, including multimodal fusion,(More)
In this paper we will investigate the usefulness of the rhythmogram, a speech rhythm representation based on the Auditory Primal Sketch model, for the automatic detection of prominent syllables. This representation was compared to other features usually used for this task and it showed a higher performance in the identification of prominent/non-prominent(More)
In recent years multimodal interaction is becoming of great interest thanks to the increasing availability of mobile devices. In this view, many applications making use of speech, gestures on the touch screen and other interaction modalities are presently becoming to appear on the different app-markets. Multimodality requires procedures to integrate(More)
Prosodic prominence is an umbrella term encompassing various related but conceptually and functionally different phenomena such as phonological stress, paralinguistic emphasis, lexical, syntactic, semantic or pragmatic salience, to mention a few. Due to the high interest prominence has received from various disciplines, it has been studied from multiple(More)