Francesco Carlei

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Neuromedin U is a newly described regulatory peptide, found by radioimmunoassay in significant concentrations in both the brain and gut of the rat. The aim of the present study was to localize this peptide immunoreactivity to discrete structures of the gut and brain and to map its distribution using immunocytochemistry. In the gut, neuromedin U was confined(More)
Neurofilaments, part of the cytoskeletal network, and neuron specific enolase, a major enzyme in glycolysis, are both present in central and peripheral neurons. Glial fibrillary acidic protein and S-100, on the other hand, are soluble proteins which are found exclusively in the supportive cells of the nervous system, i.e. the glial cells. Examination was(More)
Galanin, a newly discovered peptide, was found throughout the gastrointestinal tract of man, pig, and rat, exclusively in nerves. The concentrations of immunoreactive galanin ranged from 3.7 +/- 0.7 (mean +/- SEM) pmol/g in rat antrum to 76.5 +/- 14.3 pmol/g in pig colon. The predominantly intrinsic origin of the galanin nerves was shown by the finding of(More)
Abnormalities of gut endocrine responses, as well as changes in the number of different endocrine cell types, have been reported convincingly in coeliac patients. Nevertheless, no estimation of total numbers of gut endocrine cells has yet been made in well defined groups of coeliacs. In this study, we have visualised all endocrine cell types in jejunal(More)
PURPOSE The gut barrier is altered in certain pathologic conditions (shock, trauma, or surgical stress), resulting in bacterial and/or endotoxin translocation from the gut lumen into the systemic circulation. In this prospective randomized study, we investigated the effect of surgery on intestinal permeability (IP) and endotoxemia in patients undergoing(More)
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