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We propose a general and predictive explanation of the Wason Selection Task (where subjects are asked to select evidence for testing a conditional "rule"). Our explanation is based on a reanalysis of the task, and on Relevance Theory. We argue that subjects' selections in all true versions of the Selection Task result from the following procedure. Subjects(More)
STEFANA BROADBENT AND FRANCESCO CARA business Last month we published two case studies by Jared Braiterman and his colleagues on the response to the increasing time pressure facing professionals involved in human–computer interaction (HCI) working with the Web. This month Stefana Broadbent and Francesco Cara at Icon Medialab discuss their approach to(More)
We have isolated a novel exopolysaccharide (EPS) produced by the extreme halophilic archaeon Haloterrigena turkmenica. Some features, remarkable from an industrial point of view, such as emulsifying and antioxidant properties, were investigated. H. turkmenica excreted 20.68 mg of EPS per 100 ml of culture medium when grown in usual medium supplemented with(More)
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