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The MTERF-family is a wide family of proteins identified in Metazoa and plants which includes the known mitochondrial transcription termination factors. With the aim to shed light on the function of MTERF-family members in Drosophila, we performed the cloning and characterization of D-MTERF3, a component of the most conserved group of this family. D-MTERF3(More)
The MTERF family is a wide protein family, identified in Metazoa and plants, which consists of 4 subfamilies named MTERF1-4. Proteins belonging to this family are localized in mitochondria and show a modular architecture based on repetitions of a 30 amino acid module, the mTERF motif, containing leucine zipper-like heptads. The MTERF family includes the(More)
In mammals, NRF-2 (nuclear respiratory factor 2), also named GA-binding protein, is an Ets family transcription factor that controls many genes involved in cell cycle progression and protein synthesis as well as in mitochondrial biogenesis. In this paper, we analyzed the role of NRF-2 in the regulation of human genes involved in mitochondrial DNA(More)
Using a combination of bioinformatic and molecular biology approaches a Drosophila melanogaster protein, DmTTF, has been identified, which exhibits sequence and structural similarity with two mitochondrial transcription termination factors, mTERF (human) and mtDBP (sea urchin). Import/processing assays indicate that DmTTF is synthesised as a precursor of(More)
The effects of gramnegative endotoxin-induced myocardial failure in the pentobarbital-anesthetized dog were examined by monitoring its influence on cardiac myofibrillar ATPase activity. Myofibrils were isolated from endo- and epicardial portions of the left ventricular wall. ATPase activities were determined in animals treated with 4 mg/kg endotoxin and(More)
DmTTF is a Drosophila mitochondrial DNA-binding protein, which recognizes two sequences placed at the boundary of clusters of genes transcribed in opposite directions. To obtain in vivo evidences on the role of DmTTF, we characterized a DmTTF knock-down phenotype obtained by means of RNA interference in D.Mel-2 cells. By a combination of RNase protection(More)
DmTTF is a Drosophila melanogaster mitochondrial DNA-binding protein which binds specifically to two homologous non-coding sequences located at the 3' ends of blocks of genes encoded on opposite strands. In order to test whether this protein acts as transcription termination factor, we assayed the capacity of DmTTF to arrest in vitro the transcription(More)
The MTERF protein family comprises members from Metazoans and plants. All the Metazoan MTERF proteins characterized to date, including the mitochondrial transcription termination factors, play a key role in mitochondrial gene expression. In this study we report the characterization of Drosophila MTERF5 (D-MTERF5), a mitochondrial protein existing only in(More)
Calcium binding by rabbit skeletal myosin, thin filaments and myofibrils was measured in solutions with and without 2 mM MgATP and with ionic strengths adjusted with KCl to 0.05, 0.10 and 0.14 M. Free Mg2+ was held constant at 1 mM, pH at 7.0 and temperature at 25 degrees C. In the presence of MgATP, the relation between free Ca2+ and myofibrillar bound(More)
The influence of endotoxin shock and of experimentally increased venous return during endotoxin shock on myocardial vesicular calcium uptake and calcium stimulated ATPase activity was investigated. Vesicular calcium uptake was depressed (p less than 0.01) from 0.9 mumoles/mg protein/min to 0.3 mumoles/mg/min after 5 hr of endotoxin shock. Control ATPase did(More)