Francesco Brun

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Bone is a complex dynamic tissue undergoing a continuous remodeling process. Gravity is a physical force playing a role in the remodeling and contributing to the maintenance of bone integrity. This article reports an investigation on the alterations of the bone microarchitecture that occurred in wild type (Wt) and pleiotrophin-transgenic (PTN-Tg) mice(More)
Faults in vascular (VN) and neuronal networks of spinal cord are responsible for serious neurodegenerative pathologies. Because of inadequate investigation tools, the lacking knowledge of the complete fine structure of VN and neuronal system represents a crucial problem. Conventional 2D imaging yields incomplete spatial coverage leading to possible data(More)
Accurate image acquisition techniques and analysis protocols for a reliable characterization of tissue engineering scaffolds are yet to be well defined. To this aim, the most promising imaging technique seems to be the X-ray computed microtomography (μ-CT). However critical issues of the analysis process deal with the representativeness of the selected(More)
BACKGROUND Structural MRI measures for monitoring Alzheimer's Disease (AD) progression are becoming instrumental in the clinical practice, and more so in the context of longitudinal studies. This investigation addresses the impact of four image analysis approaches on the longitudinal performance of the hippocampal volume. METHODS We present a hippocampal(More)
The presence of ring artifacts in X-ray computed microtomography affects the qualitative and quantitative analyses of the reconstructed images. Although digital image processing approaches to ring artifacts removal via direct filtering of the reconstructed images exist, in synchrotron radiation microtomography this issue is usually faced during the actual(More)
A challenging point in neuroimaging is the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease (AD) during its asymptomatic phase. Among all the biomarkers proposed in the literature, a measure of the hippocampal atrophy via Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) seems to be one of the most reliable. Refined image processing techniques were already proposed to automatically extract(More)
Concentric rings are among the most recurrent artifacts in X-ray computed microtomography imaging. Their presence have a negative impact on the quantitative and qualitative analyses of the data. An interesting approach for ring artifacts removal is based on direct filtering of the reconstructed slices. Slice filtering does not require additional imaging(More)
The understanding of structure-function relationships in normal and pathologic mammalian tissues is at the basis of a tissue engineering (TE) approach for the development of biological substitutes to restore or improve tissue function. In this framework, it is interesting to investigate engineered bone tissue, formed when porous ceramic constructs are(More)