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State Machines Francesco Bolis, Angelo Gargantini, Marco Guarnieri, Eros Magri, and Lorenzo Musto ? 1 Dip. di Ing. dell'Informazione e Metodi Matematici, Università di Bergamo, Italy {francesco.bolis,angelo.gargantini,marco.guarnieri,eros.magri} 2 Optics Division Alcatel-Lucent, Vimercate, Italy Abstract. The(More)
Test generation techniques based on model checking suffer from the state space explosion problem. However, for a family of systems that can be easily decomposed in sub-systems, we devise a technique to cope with this problem. To model such systems, we introduce the notion of sequential net of Abstract State Machines (ASMs), which represents a system(More)
One of the current core requirements of web applications is the continuity of the service, because loss in availability can lead to severe economic losses. This is the main reason behind the growing interest in web application testing that o ers to researchers several challenges, due to the peculiar nature of these applications. Several classical testing(More)
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