Francesco Battini

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This work analyzes the environmental impacts of milk production in an intensive dairy farm situated in the Northern Italy region of the Po Valley. Three manure management scenarios are compared: in Scenario 1 the animal slurry is stored in an open tank and then used as fertilizer. In scenario 2 the manure is processed in an anaerobic digestion plant and the(More)
Bacterial and fungal community dynamics during microbially-enhanced composting of olive mill solid waste (wet husk), used as a sole raw material, were analysed in a process carried out at industrial pilot and at farm level by the PCR-DGGE profiling of the 16 and 26S rRNA genes. The use of microbial starters enhanced the biotransformation process leading to(More)
Output connections to out-of-chip devices in modern mixed-signal ICs represent a significant design problem due to the limited number of available pins (in not Ball Grid Array package) and to the common need of a frequency reduction, especially into systems that require an external System on Programmable Chip (SoPC). In this paper, an ASIC solution based on(More)
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