Francesco Barbon

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<?Pub Dtl?>A novel remote respiration and heartbeat monitoring sensor is presented. The device is a monostatic radar based on a six-port interferometer operating a continuous-wave signal at 24 GHz and a radiated power of less than 3 <formula formulatype="inline"><tex Notation="TeX">$\mu\hbox{W}$</tex> </formula>. Minor mechanical movements of the patient's(More)
This publication will show some considerations for selecting an appropriate analog-digital-converter (ADC) in Six-Port based radar systems for distance measurements. It will be discussed how the ADC resolution is limiting the overall system range resolution. Furthermore, configurations with non-synchronous sampling of the four baseband signals and their(More)
Radar sensors play a key role in today's industrial automation. Besides high accuracy, modern radar sensors have to feature high precision as well as challenging update rates. Six-Port wave correlators enable high phase resolution at high frequencies and therefore a high accuracy in radar applications. A low-cost Schottky diode detector applied to a(More)
Six-Port receivers require a precise power measurement of all their four output channels. However, due to temperature drift, fabrication and component tolerances detectors' performance may have some degradation, which limits the measurement accuracy. Thus, an in-situ detector characterization is necessary. In this paper, a fast and simple solution for(More)
Due to the growing market for Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS), especially for the application in mobile electronic devices like cameras, phones or tablet computers, cost and time efficient test and evaluation systems are required for the production process. This work presents a novel measurement setup for MEMS microphones, that allows an inline,(More)
Robust tank level monitoring is an important issue in chemical and process industry and a challenging task if high accuracy has to be reached. The proposed sensor structure consists of a quasi-TEM mode waveguide on the one hand and an interferometric Six-Port receiver structure on the other hand. The waveguide structure itself in combination with the liquid(More)
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