Francesco Barbera

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We present a detailed description of the Voronoi Tessellation (VT) cluster finder algorithm in 2+1 dimensions, which improves on past implementations of this technique. The need for cluster finder algorithms able to produce reliable cluster catalogs up to redshift 1 or beyond and down to 10 13.5 solar masses is paramount especially in light of upcoming(More)
We study the evolution of the relation between half-light (effective) radius, r e , and mean surface brightness, < µ > e , known as Kormendy relation, out to redshift z = 0.64 in V-band restframe on the basis of a large sample of spheroidal galaxies (N = 228) belonging to three clusters of galaxies. The present sample constitutes the largest data set for(More)
We present an analysis of star-formation and nuclear activity in galaxies as a function of both luminosity and environment in the fourth data release of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS DR4). Using a sample of 27 753 galaxies in the redshift range 0.005 < z < 0.037 that is 90% complete to M r = −18.0 we find that the EW(Hα) distribution is strongly(More)
2DPHOT: a multipurpose environment for the two-dimensional analysis of wide-field images ABSTRACT We describe 2DPHOT, a general purpose analysis environment for source detection and analysis in deep wide-field images. 2DPHOT is an automated tool to obtain both integrated and surface photometry of galaxies in an image, to perform reliable star-galaxy(More)
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