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Brugada Syndrome (BS) is a polygenic inherited cardiac disease characterized by life-threatening arrhythmias and high incidence of sudden death. In this study, two-dimensional gel electrophoresis (2D-PAGE) coupled to mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) was used to investigate specific changes in the plasma proteome of BS patients and family members sharing the(More)
Bifid cardiac apex is a very rare finding in human and its presence is generally associated with other heart defects. We present the case of an 11-year old boy, with a positive family history for sudden cardiac death, who died while he was playing with his friends. An autopsy was performed, and on gross examination, bifid cardiac apex and high take off of(More)
Spontaneous rupture of stomach sometimes occurs in the neonatal period but it is rarely seen beyond the neonatal period; currently the etiology of this condition in preschool children remains obscure [1]. All articles on spontaneous idiopathic gastric rupture in pre-school age children have only been reported in Japanese and Chinese literature and there are(More)
This case concerns an unusual suicidal plastic bag suffocation. An elderly white man was found dead and partially disrobed in his apartment lying supine on a sofa with a plastic bag closed by a rope over the head and the upper and lower extremities tightly tied with two other ropes, the end of both arranged into slipknots (self-rescue mechanism). Police(More)
Management of a crime is the process of ensuring accurate and effective collection and preservation of physical evidence. Forensic botany can provide significant supporting evidences during criminal investigations. The aim of this study is to demonstrate the importance of forensic botany in the crime scene. We reported a case of a woman affected by dementia(More)
Ingesting caustic substances represents a common event which may result in serious injuries of the gastrointestinal system. Severity of injury depends on the type of ingested substance: Caustic burns are more frequently associated with acid ingestion and their severity depends on type, concentration, time of exposure, and amount of the ingested substance.(More)
We report an unusual death of a seemingly healthy 26-year-old man due to diffuse metastasization of adrenal paraganglioma caused by rupture of the primitive tumour with subsequent massive haemorrhage after a relatively minor trauma. Our report describes the results of forensic investigation and discusses the possible mechanisms of metastasization.
Human activities involving water may result in a crime scene. Typically, death may be due to natural causes, homicide, or mass disasters. Decomposition in water is a complex process where many factors may interplay. Human remains in water are subject to many potential interactions, depending upon the remains themselves, the type of water and the(More)