Francesco Antognini

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BACKGROUND The feasibility, safety, and results of 108 laparoscopic anterior transperitoneal adrenalectomies (six bilateral) were evaluated in a series of 105 patients. Three patients with a preoperative diagnosis of primary adrenal carcinoma were excluded from the study. METHODS A total of 102 patients were included in the study based on exhaustive(More)
The Authors have tried Althesin as a medicine for the induction and maintainement of the narcosis in the stomatological, maxillo-facial and extra and intra-oral surgery. They have deduced that CT 1341 does not constitute to the anaesthetics Ethrane and Fluothane because of the anaesthetic-level instability (restlessness of the patient and clonic movements(More)
The "Short term prophylaxis" technique was used in 100 patients who had undergone Stomatologic surgery and Maxillo-facial surgery for post-operative prophylaxis of surgical infections according to analogous researches conducted in other surgical branches by various authors. The results obtained can be summarized as following: 1) a marked reduction in(More)
The drop in hardware costs has fostered the widespread use of home-computer systems. Because of this situation, the home computer can be profitably employed in some highly specialized fields. We believe electrocardiographic instrumentation to be one such field. We have built an electrocardiomultigraphimeter (ECXGM), which can be considered as a development(More)