Francesco Angelini

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The effect of d-amphetamine on the release of tritiated norepinephrine (NE), dopamine (DA) and 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) was analyzed in synaptosomes from different brain area. 3H-NE release was unaffected in the hypothalamus, a region which is rich in noradrenergic terminals, and in cerebellum and pons-medulla, but was substantially increased in corpus(More)
A 65-year-old woman presented in April 2007 with a 3-month history of abdominal discomfort and occasional epigastric pain. The patient’s past medical history was otherwise unremarkable. Physical examination was significant only for mild epigastric tenderness to deep palpation without rebound or guarding. Both the complete blood cell count and routine blood(More)
This article is a cytological and molecular investigation on the occurrence of apoptosis during spermatogenesis in Torpedo, a cartilaginous fish characterised by a typical cystic testis. Using DNA fragmentation and Bak gene expression, it demonstrated that germ cells undergo apoptosis only at the stages of spermatocyte and spermatid, and degeneration also(More)
Corticosterone (B) and testosterone (T) plasma levels and the effects of short (1-48 min) and long (6-192 hr) confinement stress during the various phases of the reproductive period of the male lizard, Podarcis sicula sicula, were studied; in addition, the in vitro effects of B on the T secretion by testis and adrenals were evaluated. Plasma B was highest(More)
Autologous cardiac progenitor cells (CPCs) isolated as cardiospheres (CSps) represent a promising candidate for cardiac regenerative therapy. A better understanding of the origin and mechanisms underlying human CSps formation and maturation is undoubtedly required to enhance their cardiomyogenic potential. Epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) is a key(More)
BACKGROUND Bone metastasis represents an increasing clinical problem in advanced gastric cancer (GC) as disease-related survival improves. In literature, few data on the natural history of bone disease in GC are available. PATIENTS AND METHODS Data on clinicopathology, skeletal outcomes, skeletal-related events (SREs), and bone-directed therapies for 208(More)
Cardiac tissue engineering (CTE) aims at regenerating damaged myocardium by combining cells to a biocompatible and/or bioactive matrix. Collagen and gelatin are among the most suitable materials used today for CTE approaches. In this study we compared the structural and biological features of collagen (C-RGD) or gelatin (G-FOAM)-based bioconstructs, seeded(More)
The H beta 58 gene, whose disruption in mice causes reabsorption of the embryo at 9.5 days post-conception, is believed to be essential for development of the placenta. Although the H beta 58 gene is well conserved in some Amniota, nothing is known about its presence in reptiles, some species of which have developed a chorioallantoic placenta. In this work,(More)
Lectins represent a class of proteins/glycoproteins binding specifically to terminal sugar residues. The present investigation aims to identify lectin-binding sites in testis of Torpedo marmorata. Using a panel of lectins coupled with fluoresceine isothiocyanate, we demonstrated that germ and somatic cells present in Torpedo testis contain glycoconjugates,(More)