Francesco Alabiso

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The aim of the study was to evaluate the use of hypertonic solutions in restoring intravascular volume in a model of hemorrhagic shock. Eighteen pigs underwent general anesthesia and were instrumented with a carotid catheter to record mean arterial pressure (MAP), a pulmonary artery catheter for pulmonary arterial pressure (MPAP) and cardiac output (CO)(More)
The recent postponement until 31 October 2013 of the deadline for transposition of the EU Directive 2004/40/EC, concerning the minimum health requirementsfor the exposure of workers to the risks arising from electromagnetic fields between 0 and 300 GHz, keeps on suspending the Italian law which was aimed to implement the EU regulations on the occupational(More)
A new series of pyridine derivatives with carbamic or amidic function has been designed and synthesized to act as cholinesterase inhibitors. The synthesized compounds were tested toward EeAChE and hAChE and toward eqBChE and hBChE. The carbamate 8 was the most potent hAChE inhibitor (IC50 = 0.153 ± 0.016 μM) while the carbamate 11 was the most potent(More)
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