Francesco A. Devillanova

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The 3 centre-4 electrons (3c-4e) and the donor/acceptor or charge-transfer models for the description of the chemical bond in linear three-body systems, such as I(3) (-) and related electron-rich (22 shell electrons) systems, are comparatively discussed on the grounds of structural data from a search of the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD). Both models(More)
Theoretical study of alpha/beta-alanine and their protonated/alkali metal cationized complexes Three-centre hydrogen bonding in the complexes of syn-2,4-difluoroadamantane with 4-fluorophenol and hydrogen fluoride Dibenzophosphaborin: A hetero-pi-conjugated molecule with fluorescent properties based on intramolecular charge transfer between phosphorus and(More)
The chemical bond and structural features for the most important classes of solid products obtained by reacting chalcogen donors with dihalogens and interhalogens are reviewed. Particular attention is paid to the information the FT-Raman spectroscopy can confidently give about each structural motif considered in the absence of X-ray structural analyses.
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