Francesca Simeón

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The authors report their experience concerning complications of spinal metastasis surgery. The purpose of this study was to assess the frequency of such complications and analyse the factors influencing their occurrence. The records of 145 patients treated between 1982 and 1991 for metastatic disease of the spine were retrospectively reviewed for intra- and(More)
In order to evaluate complications due to cervical spine surgery using the anterior cervical approach a prospective study was conducted on 125 patients. ENT examination with the fibroscope was employed for all the patients before the procedure. The patients were operated on under general anesthesia and were intubated with an armoured tube, and then were(More)
This study evaluated the effects of propofol on somatosensory evoked cortical potentials in 20 ASA grade 1 or 2 patients who underwent spinal surgery. Anaesthesia consisted of propofol, dextromoramide, 50% nitrous oxide and oxygen mixture. The induction dose of propofol was 2 mg/kg and was followed by an infusion of 6 mg/kg for the first hour and 3 mg/kg(More)
Two cases are described of surgery for spondylolisthesis requiring prolonged knee-chest position (5 h 20 min and 4 h 30 min); acute renal failure with anuria occurred early in one case (within the first 24 h postoperatively), and later in the other case (on the 8th day). The diagnosis of rhabdomyolysis was made on the increase of CPK and myoglobin blood(More)
Haemorrhagic shock remains a leading cause of death in trauma patients. The concept of haematologic damage control is gradually taking place in the management of traumatic haemorrhagic shock. It is based primarily on the early implementation of a quality blood transfusion involving erythrocytes, plasmas and platelets transfusion. Red blood cell transfusion(More)
Kinesiology is a holistic and complete methodology. Having great applications in sub-clinical situations and to get rid of stress, kinesiology has proven to be of great help in pathological cases, given its possibility to activate innate health mechanisms and through its capacity to reduce stress. kinesiology is very effective, since it is applied by means(More)
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