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Having Death at Hand: A Note to Sen. Epist. 51.9
"In Sen. Epist. 51.9 (Quo die illam [sc. fortunam] intellexero plus posse, nil poterit : ego illam feram, cum in manu mors sit ?), editors print either illam or illa me : illa me seems moreExpand
Apocalypses and the Sage. Different Endings of the World in SenecaApocalypses and the Sage. Different Endings of the World in Seneca
espanolEste articulo trata del apocalipsis, entendido como una revelacion o prediccion relacionada con el fin del mundo, en las obras en prosa de Seneca. Las descripciones y lecturas de este eventoExpand
G. D. WILLIAMS, THE COSMIC VIEWPOINT. A STUDY ON SENECA'S NATURALES QUAESTIONES . Oxford/New York: Oxford University Press, 2012. Pp. xi + 393. isbn 9780199731589. £30.00/US$45.00.
theatre space and considering the use of stage decoration and machinery, props, lighting and sound effects. Thereafter, K. tackles each play (including the incomplete Phoenissae, but omitting theExpand