Francesca Rivadossi

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Previous studies suggest that variants of the beta(2)-adrenergic receptor (ADRB2) may differently affect functional responses to adrenergic stimulation, thereby possibly modulating cardiovascular and metabolic phenotypes. We examined the hypothesis that G/R16 and Q/E27 polymorphism of ADRB2, or their haplotypes, may modulate blood pressure, cardiovascular(More)
Primary stones can probably form, although rarely, in the common bile duct. The authors report a series of six cases which they considered as primary common duct stone disease and, in order to get more precise information on this problem, they review the literature on the subject. This disease would be caused by the presence of a lithogenic bile which, with(More)
The Authors observed and report a case of Mondor's syndrome in a male. In the attempt to identify the real origin in this peculiar thrombophlebitis they reviewed the recent literature. It is apparently impossible to drawn definitive conclusions from the different studies on this subject. Anyway Mondor's syndrome looks suitable for inclusion in the group of(More)
Tumours of the small intestine are extremely rare and have a particularly severe prognosis. The impossibility of making an early diagnosis due to the scarcity of precise symptoms during the early stages of the disease and the lack of safe instrumental tests limits the results of treatment which is essentially surgical. In order to contribute to the study of(More)
RATIONALE To evaluate the feasibility of a second-opinion consultation in supporting general practitioners (GPs) during the daily diagnosis and therapeutic management of patients with essential hypertension. METHODS Italian GPs were encouraged to follow-up their patients by the use of the Telemedicine Service. All known hypertensive patients with signs(More)
BACKGROUND Control of blood pressure is frequently inadequate in spite of availability of several classes of well tolerated and effective antihypertensive drugs. Several factors, including the use of suboptimal doses of drugs, inadequate or ineffective treatments and poor drug compliance may be the reason for this phenomenon. The aim of the current non-(More)
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