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Treatment of multiple cutaneous and subcutaneous melanoma metastases is still represents a therapeutic challenge for both dermatologists and oncologists. Electrochemotherapy (ECT) is a promising therapeutic procedure, owing to its ability to improve the penetration of cytotoxic drugs into cancer cells by application of current electric pulses. The aim of(More)
Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is the most common type of skin cancer in older persons and is a rapidly rising incidence. E-cadherin-mediated cell–cell adhesion activates Cdc42, a Rho GTPase essential for cell polarity in numerous settings. No study has yet addressed a biological significance of Cdc42 alterations in BCC pathogenesis. Our aim was to investigate(More)
We recently described gammadelta T cells alterations in patients with a cutaneous primary melanoma. To evaluate whether gammadelta T cells alterations persisted after melanoma removal, we performed a follow-up study comparing the number and function of gammadelta T lymphocytes from 19 subjects, 4 years after the removal of a cutaneous primary melanoma, with(More)
Darier-White Disease (DW), otherwise known as keratosis follicularis, is a rare genodermatosis with autosomal dominant inheritance, characterized by loss of adhesion between epidermal cells and abnormal keratinization. The distinctives lesions of DW Disease include rough papules in seborrheic areas, palmoplantar pits, mucosal involvement, and nail changes.(More)
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