Francesca Pratesi

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We tackle the problem of obtaining general information about vehicle traffic in a city from movement data collected by individual vehicles. An important issue here is the possible violation of the privacy of the vehicle users. Movement data are sensitive because they may describe typical movement behaviors and therefore be used for re-identification of(More)
Between January 1985 and June 1997, a total of 4005 skin biopsies were received from dogs and 898 from cats. Follicular tumours and tumour-like lesions together represented 10.4 per cent and 8.1 per cent of all skin tumours in the dog and cat, respectively. The prevalence of tumour-like lesions, such as follicular and dermoid cysts, dilated pore and focal(More)
Privacy is ever-growing concern in our society and is becoming a fundamental aspect to take into account when one wants to use, publish and analyze data involving human personal sensitive information. Unfortunately, it is increasingly hard to transform the data in a way that it protects sensitive information: we live in the era of big data characterized by(More)
Systolic arterial hypertension in subjects with regional cerebral ischemia is considered and discussed as regards its frequency and its pathogenetic meaning, and criteria concerning the way of treating it. Systolic arterial hypertension presents a very high frequency in these subjects. At times it is accompanied by moderate diastolic hypertension, to which(More)
OKT3, OKT4 and OKT8 monoclonal antibodies have been used to assess the number of total T cells and of some T-cell subpopulations in five children with Congenital Agammaglobulinemia. A significant increase in OKT8+ cells and parallel decrease in OKT4+ cells were observed in all patients, both as percentages and absolute numbers. by contrast there was no(More)