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‘Green earths’: vibrational and elemental characterization of glauconites, celadonites and historical pigments
‘Green earths’ are employed since antiquity as pigments in the creation of artworks. The minerals responsible for the colour belong to four groups: (1) the clayey micas celadonite and glauconite,Expand
Preliminary investigations by Raman microscopy of prehistoric pigments in the wall‐painted cave at Roucadour, Quercy, France
Raman microscopy (RM) was applied to an ongoing study of prehistoric pigments employed in Palaeolithic wall paintings in the Roucadour Cave (France). Micro-samplings were carried out on parts of redExpand
Green pigments of the Pompeian artists' palette.
Green colored samples on wall paintings and green powder from a pigment pot found in Pompeii area are investigated by micro-Raman, FT-IR and, for one sample, SEM-EDX. To obtain the green color, greenExpand
Theophylline-loaded compritol microspheres prepared by ultrasound-assisted atomization.
Granules do not work so efficiently as microspheres in controlling the release of theophylline and, on aging, the dissolved drug crystallizes, considerably modifying the granule formulation and that US vibration, speeding up the crystallization of the drug during the preparation of micro spheres, greatly reduces the changes associated with aging. Expand
Raman and thermal analysis of indomethacin/PVP solid dispersion enteric microparticles.
The test revealed a notable improvement of the drug release rate from the solid dispersion at suitable pH, with respect to pure IMC, and the coating with stearic acid is discussed as a determining process for the practical application of solid dispersions. Expand
Mucoadhesive multiparticulate patch for the intrabuccal controlled delivery of lidocaine.
Mucoadhesive buccal patches, containing 8 mg/cm(2) lidocaine base, were formulated and developed by solvent casting method technique, using a number of different bio-adhesive and film-forming semi-synthetic and synthetic polymers and plasticizers to offer a variety of drug release mechanisms. Expand
Solid state characterization of progesterone in a freeze dried 1:2 progesterone/HPBCD mixture.
Experimental results confirm that an inclusion complex exists in the solid state and possible structure of the complex is briefly discussed. Expand
Insights into the reaction mechanism for 5-hydroxymethylfurfural oxidation to FDCA on bimetallic Pd–Au nanoparticles
Abstract This work deals with the oxidation of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) to 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid (FDCA) in water using supported Pd–Au nanoparticles. The active phase composition was shownExpand
Oxidation of d‐Glucose to Glucaric Acid Using Au/C Catalysts
The reactivity of Au and AuBi nanoparticles supported on activated carbon AC was investigated in the direct oxidation of glucose to glucaric acid. The catalysts were very active, regardless of the AuExpand
The characterization of Sn‐based corrosion products in ancient bronzes: a Raman approach
The characterization of corrosion patinas on bronzes is preliminarily connected to the determination of proper conservation strategies. Moreover, it also provides an essential contribution to theExpand