Francesca Negre

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Mechanisms accounting for the development of proliferative vitreoretinopathy (PVR) in patients with rhegmatogenous retinal detachment remain poorly understood. In a previous study, we found the presence of various growth factors in preretinal membranes that were surgically removed from patients with PVR. The present immunohistological study was undertaken(More)
Immunotoxins directed against a membrane marker of cell proliferation, transferrin receptor, were investigated to inhibit the growth of retinal pigment epithelial (RPE) cells in proliferative vitreoretinopathy (PVR). We undertook an immunocytological study in specimens of vitreous, subretinal fluid, and epiretinal membranes from patients with PVR to address(More)
Hands-free interfaces could be the best choice for Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) for people with physical disabilities that are not capable of using traditional input devices. Once a first prototype is developed in the laboratory taking into account design and usability requirements, real users is what finally categorize an interface as useful or not.(More)
The development and extension of fibrovascular or fibroglial membranes onto the retinal surface are a major cause of visual loss in diabetic patients with proliferative retinopathy and in patients suffering from retinal detachment with proliferative vitreoretinopathy. The pathogenesis of these proliferative diseases, however, remain poorly understood and(More)
INTRODUCTION One of the principal causes that may contribute to failure in the treatment of retinal detachment without PVR is the inability to detect the retinal break before and during surgery. We propose in these cases the use of exploratory primary vitrectomy allowing the location and the treatment of the retinal break. MATERIAL AND METHODS We have(More)
The first part of this work deals with the various therapeutics with pituitary aims on ten patients with proliferative retinopathy. In the second part, the Growth Hormone involvement is considered, by the mean of IGF-I dosages in the serum and the vitreous of diabetic and non-diabetic patients. IGF-I is also sought in neovascular membranes by(More)
PURPOSE Maculopathy in diabetes mellitus represents one of the most serious complications of the diabetic retinopathy. Retinal photocoagulations are often impossible and even dangerous. We propose a new method of surgical treatment for this macular serous detachment. MATERIAL AND METHOD Thirteen eyes from 11 patients were treated using the same surgical(More)
Modern cryosurgery, based on impedance measurement, is a valuable addition to excisional surgery and radiation therapy in the management of eyelid malignancies. The advantages of the procedure are the good cosmetic and functional results. For the management of basal cell carcinoma situated near the punctum lacrimale and lacrimal canaliculus, cryosurgery may(More)
PURPOSE A case of congenital epiretinal membrane associated with retinitis pigmentosa is reported. PATIENT A 30 year old man with retinitis pigmentosa was operated for a vitreomacular traction syndrome. The epiretinal membrane removed during surgical procedure was analyzed in electronic microscopy. RESULTS Visual acuity, 6 months after the intervention:(More)