Francesca Mullan

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OBJECTIVES To investigate the effects of a 5% NovaMin containing dentifrice on dentine tubule patency and surface roughness at 100g and 400g tooth brush abrasion forces. METHODS 75 polished human dentine samples were prepared and randomly allocated into one of five groups; control (1), Na2PFO3 100g abrasion force (2), NovaMin 100g (3), Na2PFO3 400g (4)(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the measurement performance of a chromatic confocal profilometer for quantification of surface texture of natural human enamel in vitro. METHODS Contributions to the measurement uncertainty from all potential sources of measurement error using a chromatic confocal profilometer and surface metrology software were quantified using a(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine if Sa roughness data from measuring one central location of unpolished and polished enamel were representative of the overall surfaces before and after erosion. METHODS Twenty human enamel sections (4x4 mm) were embedded in bis-acryl composite and randomised to either a native or polishing enamel preparation protocol. Enamel(More)
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